About Us

Company History and Background

Matthew and Parmis went to film school together. They met on the set of an independent student film in the summer of their first year of university. Then fall came, and brought the Vancouver International Film Festival to town. They watched a film together at VIFF which miraculously opened them up to having an in-depth discussion, revealing not only that they saw eye to eye on what film meant to them as an art and as an industry, but also how much they shared in worldview and core values. After two years of friendship, Parmis and Matthew decided to come together as co-producers and launch their own Video & Production Services Company based in Vancouver, BC. Matthew and Parmis’ skills and strengths in filmmaking complemented each other, and they were both keen to apply their visual storytelling skills to produce high-quality videos on a budget for businesses across the province of BC.

With the guidance of a mentor with 40+ years of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship experience, Marissa Wright, they developed a plan to seize the opportunity to start their own Production Company based in Vancouver, BC. Matthew and Parmis co-founded Zukaro Media Inc. together to make cinematic content accessible to the current Canadian video market.

Crew Members and their Expertise

Parmis Rouhina پارمیس روهینا  (she/her)

Parmis is an artist, film director, writer and producer who, at heart, takes pleasure in fiercely exploring the unknown and deciphering codes. Her goal at Zukaro Media is to help her clients serve crisp, garden-fresh videos to their hungry audience.

Born and raised in Tehran, Parmis settled in Vancouver to attend Capilano University and study Film Production. While attending film school, she worked on numerous film sets, gaining experience in sound, camera, lighting & gripping, production design, picture and sound editing, first assistant directing (1st AD), script supervision, producing and production management. When she isn’t working on ZUKARO, Parmis enjoys watching movies, going on adventures deep in nature, and experiencing life with her friends.

Matthew Boulter (he/him)

Born and raised in Greater Vancouver, BC, Matthew describes himself as a progressive pragmatist. He leads his work with unwavering integrity, unconditional empathy, an eclectic taste for the arts and sciences, and the perseverance to get the job done. With two brilliant parents and an accomplished academic standing in IB, these values have been ingrained in everything Matthew does (before he even got to film school). In the 3 years he’s since entered the film industry, Matthew has collected 1700+ hours on set, including 900+ volunteer hours in the camera department; as an editor and colourist, that number is roughly double. When he’s not working on Zukaro, Matthew is an avid reader, cinephile, cinema scholar, freelance cinematographer, below-the-line film worker, and 5+ year VIFF volunteer. He’s also always looking for new vegan recipes to make.

Company Values and Culture

Pentagon of Values



We are filmmakers, thrive under high-pressure environments and are proven to perform and deliver on time. No matter the scope of your projects, we are always eager to develop and execute them.


Zukaro is as much about delivering excellent results as it is about the love and passion behind them. We speak the universal language of art not just as a means of commerce, but to realize its potential as a force of unity and change. Our dedication to seeing this potential through is strategic and strives to inspire past tolerance into radical growth and harmony for all humans and beings.


We produce high-quality video on a budget. Zukaro is not a generic, one-size-fits-all-type company, but we strategize and execute based on adaptable systems that we’ve proven to work. Sounds too good to be true? Then let us prove it to you.


In an industry contingent on building and maintaining relationships, we’ve found open and honest communication as essential to caring for them as smoothly and authentically as possible.


Every element of our content— concept, script, picture, sound, editorial and delivery—is not only driven by our commitment to courageous creativity but unless otherwise specified, 100% original and produced in-house.


Will you deliver on time?

Yes. Unless in the case of an emergency that prevents us from delivering on the agreed time and date, we always deliver on time or you’ll get 100% of your money back.  No matter what, we like to keep our lines open and communicate with you as much as you’d like us to.

What makes Zukaro Media the best videography company in Vancouver, BC for you?

Affordable cinema, produced with an unwavering work ethic.

How connected do I have to be throughout the production of my video

We are as connected to you as you would like us to be. Our phones are open during regular business hours of 9-5, and our emails are open 24/7 (though after business hours, our responses may not be immediate).

How do I get started with Zukaro?

You can find our pricing on our services page where you may request a quote for which you’ll receive a follow-up email explaining the next steps. If you’re still not sure which package suits your company’s needs better, would like to request more than one package, or have more questions that aren’t covered in the FAQs and that are too long for an email, you can directly book a 30-minute consultation appointment with us and we will walk you through your options in more depth.

Will filming in my office/building damage my property?

No. We know how to properly care for our filming location. As filmmakers, we don’t burn a location.

Where can I publish my video?

We share the rights to the produced media with you. While we make it clear that structural edits to the videos we deliver are strictly prohibited, we encourage you to share them in whatever way you see fit; i.e. across social media, your company website, pitch meetings, or even in place of live tech demonstrations, just to name a few. 

Do I get a discount on a video package if I’m a first-time customer?

Yes, you get 30% off!

How much is the deposit for each video?

30% of the total package value before starting production and after the contract is signed. The remaining balance will be charged upon the final delivery of the videos.